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CT Lab Global Media hosts the industry's most prestigious events, produces the market's most creative digital experiences, and publishes the Consumer Technology and Smart Home industry's premier print and digital magazines, newsletters, and websites.

We provide our advertising partners with transformative brand-building opportunities through cutting-edge advertising and marketing solutions that integrate best-in-class strategies, innovative digital platforms, and authoritative content.

We enrich and empower our audience with engaging editorial and sponsored content.

We deliver top performance and excellent returns on marketing investments for our media clients.

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Powerful content through data science

Our editors are renowned industry insiders, who are combining their profound industry knowledge with unique data, designed around the consumer technology ecosystem, to create relevant and highly valuable content.

Impactful & Innovative Products

CT Lab Global Media is transforming traditional Consumer Technology business media through cutting edge techniques which integrate best-in-class data, next-gen digital products, authoritative content, and comprehensive back-end technology solutions.

We serve clients with a diverse set of solutions and products.

Our clients come to us with goals - we return with outcomes.

Creating value for clients

“In these times when marketing decisions and choices about how to target your advertising spend are crucial, it’s never failed us to turn to Dealerscope as the means by which we can effectively communicate our products and services messaging to our customers. We appreciate their professionalism, and their clear understanding of what to say about Audio America – and how to say it – to their readership. And the bottom line: both the magazine and the website are well-written, useful reads..”

Jonathan Elster

CEO Next Level Distribution

“Dealerscope is essential - a must read for the latest news and information in our industry. Dealerscope’s unparalleled coverage continues to deliver invaluable insights into retail, products, and manufacturing, including the latest in consumer technology news.”

Tom Campbell

Corporate Director/Chief Technologist Video & Audio Center

“Dealerscope’s unique editorial franchise and position attracts, interests and circulation-captures our most important and valued audience of retailers, dealers and distributors. Their CE, appliance and mobile-centric editorial magnets both executives and front-line merchant management across their various content-channel outputs. As a formidable and consistent advertiser with Dealerscope for over two decades, we are very proud and energized for our ability to core down and heavy up with their highly valuable audience to ensure we achieve our brand, product and market growth goals.”

Peter Weedfald

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America

“Dealerscope has been a cornerstone in the industry for many years, filled with content that helps us keep up to date in the fast-moving consumer technology industry. I always enjoy reading about the industry and cutting-edge products that help us stay on top of the trends and better communicate with our customers. Keep up the great work!”

David K. Pidgeon

CEO, Starpower

“Sony Electronics has been a long-time supporter and reader of Dealerscope and has appreciated their balanced coverage of industry news, trends, interviews with key
business leadership, and in-depth coverage of new products. As the media landscape continues to change we take comfort in knowing that Dealerscope has remained a
consistent source of great insight and valuable content that advances the consumer technology industry. ”

Mike Fasulo

President & COO, Sony Electronics

“Dealerscope is a tremendous partner for the independent channel. Their platform gives our retailers a voice, providing the critical news and information they need to drive business success.” k you

Tom Hickman

President & Chief Member Advocate, Nationwide Marketing Group

“Dealerscope’s talented editorial team consistently delivers insightful and timely coverage of the dynamic consumer technology industry. Both online and in print, it’s the mustread for industry trends and expert insights in consumer electronics and home appliances.”

John Taylor

Senior Vice President, LG Electronics USA

“In these days of tremendous uncertainty, Dealerscope has proven to be a strong, trustworthy friend. Everyday, without fail, the magazine appears in my inbox, giving me
vital and newsworthy information I can’t get anywhere else. Dealerscope is the industry stand alone Bible. The publication will guide us into a prosperous future.” k

Lois Whitman-Hess



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