NAPCO Media Introduces CT Lab

PHILADELPHIA – November 3, 2016 – NAPCO Media is pleased to announce the launch of CT Lab—a new organization aimed at redefining tech business media.

Formerly known as the Consumer Technology Publishing Group, CT Lab is comprised of a variety of brands, live events, publications, and newsletters with a focus on the Consumer Technology industry.

Benjamin Felix, President and Chief Revenue Officer of CT Lab, has led a complete overhaul of brands, products, and events—each with the ultimate goal of disrupting traditional media by leveraging data-driven solutions and empowering audiences with engaging editorial and sponsored content.

“The days of purchasing ad space in a magazine and simply hoping for ROI are over,” Felix stated. “The struggle for relevancy is a real issue for marketers. CT Lab aims to cut through the clutter and deliver impactful solutions—to an engaged audience. I don’t view CT Lab as a media business, I view CT Lab as a data company that delivers outcomes—via print, digital, and live events—and that permeates everything we do. Our solutions have been developed by marketers, for marketers.”

CT Lab consists of several established brands, each bringing a unique perspective to the Consumer Technology industry. These include Dealerscope, Technology Integrator, CEMBLY, CE Week, and FutureVision. The collective audience reaches over 66,000 Consumer Technology professionals comprised of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and installers of technology.

CT Lab’s content team is using techniques that include integrating best-in-class data, next-generation digital products, authoritative content, and comprehensive back-end technology solutions. These integrated campaigns are designed to showcase data and value at every interaction through omnichannel platforms.

“The rebranding of CT Lab represents the progress this group has made in the past few months and how we will continue to evolve over time,” said Rob Stott, senior editor for CT Lab. “From a content perspective, we’ve added so many different tools to our arsenal that have allowed us to cover the industry in more meaningful ways. By incorporating hard data into our reporting, we’re able to hit on topics that truly matter to our audience and provide them with the news and strategies they need to successfully run their business.”