Dealerscope Index Q2 Report Projects Continued CE Retail Confidence Downturn

PHILADELPHIA, PA – August 1, 2017 – Dealerscope, the consumer technology industry’s news and information source, has released its Q2 2017 Report of the Dealerscope CE Retail Confidence Index. The Dealerscope CE Retail Confidence Index is a proprietary measure of retailer confidence in the consumer electronics industry. The index is derived by surveying the Dealerscope CE retailer panel on a monthly basis as to their confidence in reaching their sales goals in the upcoming month. The survey asks respondents to indicate their sales confidence across product types (e.g. TV vs. video game consoles etc), confidence in their ability to drive both digital and foot traffic, and more. The responses are then plugged into a proprietary scoring algorithm which weights each factor based on market significance and outputs an overall confidence score.

The report shows the overall confidence level of CE retailers has fallen over the past three months. As a result, Dealerscope editors project that confidence will continue to slip heading deeper into summer and ahead of the all-important final quarter of the year. After the DS Index confidence score rose heading into April, it took a major downturn. By the end of Q2 2017, the DS Index fell off more than 15 points to reach an all time low.

“Looking back at the surveys from the previous quarter, most CE retailers cited a lot of the same concerns as to why their confidence level was dropping. They included everything from a general lack of foot traffic, to the uneasy political climate, to poor weather that continued deep into the month of May for most retailers,” the report stated.

Based on the results of the Q2 report, Dealerscope editors said the downturn is likely to continue, but not for long. As early as September, improvement should be seen in both confidence level as well as actual performance against sales goals.

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