Custom Videos

We have a variety of video solutions – whether shooting at live events or at our in-house studio. Our high-quality results provide a much needed visual element to consumer products.

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High–Quality branded content designed to engage your target audience, empowering with tested, compelling headlines.

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White Papers

Detailed thought leadership piece which identifies key problems and your solutions using data and/or real-life case studies.

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Educate and inform large targeted audiences on your solutions with a custom webinar; Our data-rich platform yields revenue creating insights along with lead generation. Every CT Lab webinar is a full-service, turnkey marketing solution that generates leads, enhances your brand and identifies your company as a thought leader.

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High resolution infographic that tells your story, or distills a complex topic into a compelling thought leadership piece.

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Custom Experiences

Looking for something to differentiate you from your competitor, we can do that, too.

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Partner Voices

A Native Advertising Solution

Enabling our partners to engage our brands' readers.

Our Partner Voice programs represent best-in-class solutions allowing our audience to engage with branded content in the trusted environment of our high-quality Consumer Technology journalism.


We will hold a best practices consultation that will help you develop compelling content.


We leverage our partner networks to augment content engagement.


Reach our targeted, growing Consumer Technology professional audience.

High Visibility Placement

Placements on homepage, related article pages, and newsletters to achieve maximum visibility.

Advanced Measurement

Receive real-time digital and social metrics; same platform as our editors.

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360 approach ensures that we engage our audience in all facets of content consumption.

Premium Digital Display

Your Business Has Evolved.
Shouldn't Your Advertising?

The sites in the CT Lab network - Technology Integrator and Dealerscope - have ad packages specifically geared towards high-viewability, Premium Digital Display site positions.

What is Premium Digital Display?

  • High CTR, High Engagement, High Performance
  • Clients are free to run creative tests
  • Using partners, we will provide a level of insight that far surpasses our competitors – and move towards exposure and engagement KPIs (Hours of exposure, Engagement %, etc.)

Audience Retargeting

Where extending your reach extends awareness

In addition to having Premium Digital display, the team has the ability to follow and extend our audience wherever they travel on the web. When combined with our Premium Digital Display programs, an audience retargeting campaign can deliver the mindshare and coverage by using partner sites to fortify your message.

How It Works


Boost your brand's visibility

  • Target our unique audience in the digital channels where they interact most.
  • Increase contact with your branding using multiple touch points across many contexts to help increase conversion.



  • Use targeted creative to reach our uniquely qualified audience based on where they are in the buying cycle.
  • Address top of funnel audience with components designed for brand awareness AND lead generation.






A Critical Component of Omnichannel Success

With over 70% of our readers reporting that they respond to print advertisements, print display is an important part of any integrated campaign. And with an ambitious editorial calendar, you will be adjacent to the most cutting edge consumer technology reporting in the industry.



Reach Influencers Directly in Their Inbox

CT Lab Global Media's wide array of focused editorial newsletters help partners reach our engaged audience. Built with responsive design, our emails ensure that you can reach our audience no matter where they are engaging.


Each business day our audience wakes up to the news they need to know in an online, quick-read digest format. The latest and greatest of the day.

Circulation: Daily, Monday – Friday
Audience Size: 12,300+


Delivered weekly, Gadgets focuses on Wearables, Virtual Reality , Drones, and other emerging tech.

Circulation: Weekly, Tuesday
Audience Size: 15,700+

Dealerscope Audio/Video is provides you with the top audio and video news of the week.

Circulation: Monday
Audience Size: 16,200+


Each week, the editors of Dealerscope will hand pick the most important news of the week. Weekly up to date Consumer Technology news in one spot.

Circulation: Weekly, Saturday
Audience Size: 15,900+


Whether it's breaking news, the latest trends or important announcements, Dealerscope Trending helps you stay updated with what's happening NOW in the world of CE.

Circulation: Varied Schedule
Audience Size: 17,000+


Dealerscope Connected Home is a round-up of the latest in Appliance and smart home technology.

Circulation: Weekly, Wednesday
Audience Size: 9,200+


We comb the web – so you don’t have to – and find news nuggets that impact the Consumer Electronics and Appliance industries.

Circulation: Daily, Monday – Friday
Audience Size: 10,400+


Delivered daily, Technology Integrator Daily
is designed to help our audience be “in the know”. Latest information on topics that affect the CI channel.

Circulation: Daily, Monday - Friday
Audience Size: 8,700+


The Connected Design Weekly e-newsletter is your number one resource for the most advanced home technologies and the modern homes that showcase them. 

Circulation: Weekly, Thursday
Audience Size: 17,000+

Featured Resources

Click here to learn more about how to get your sponsored content in front of Dealerscope & Technology Integrator's captivated audience.

CT Lab Events

Sometimes the Best Experience is In-Person

CT Lab Global Media's events harness the power of peer-to-peer interaction, connecting influential professional audiences with compelling presenters and exhibitors, and delivering relevant and inspiring content in a full range of innovative formats. Our conferences and custom events feature influential speakers and qualified attendees, compelling content and curricula, and powerful community networking opportunities - an ideal environment to build relationships and drive brand engagement.


June 12-13, 2019 - New York City 

CE Week is the epicenter for innovation, emerging trends and insights, and building connections in the North American technology space. In cooperation with IFA, the world’s largest technology trade show, CE Week is the premier platform for connecting key decision makers through matchmaking, high quality content, and networking.

Highlights include:

  • The Retailer Meetups at CE Week
    Enabling leaders to connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships, featuring pre-scheduled, one-on-one sessions between retailers, distributors, buying groups and vendors during CE Week.
  • Panel discussions with industry thought leaders and experts, reviewing business strategy, the latest tech, and the future of CE retail
  • CE Week Best in Show Awards

Custom Events

Looking for an event to engage your clients?

Our experienced team can build, manage, and execute seamlessly on your behalf.


Insightful, actionable, predictive — Strategic

CT Lab Global Media, in collaboration with NAPCO Research, craft custom data-centric solutions that leverage our highly engaged audiences, industry subject matter experts and in-house research expertise. We identify our clients' unique business problems and create solutions that enable deeply informed decision-making.



Brand trust & recognition

Access to deeply engaged audiences



Industry Expertise

Audience representation throughout industry title/function spectrum
Entry level to C-class executives in various functions

Best-in-class engagement data
Behavioral, contextual, firmographic/demographic data
NAPCO’s DataCentral



Research Expertise

Director of Research:
Former Forrester Research Analyst, Nathan Safran

Deep experience developing custom research solutions that solve client business problems

Research covered by Reuters, Fortune Magazine, Washington Post and others

Regular speaker at industry conferences




CT Lab Global Media's research efforts provide a unique understanding from an audience that is experiencing the retail industry's challenges first-hand. Included in these efforts is The Dealerscope CE Retail Confidence Index Survey–a proprietary measure of retailer confidence in the consumer electronics industry. Surveying the Dealerscope CE retailer audience on a monthly basis, we gain insight on their confidence in reaching their sales goals in the upcoming month. The survey asks respondents to indicate their sales confidence across product types (e.g. TV vs. video game consoles etc), confidence in their ability to drive both digital and foot traffic, and more. For more information, click here.

Video Sponsorships

SnapshotPro At-Show Video

With SnapshotPro, we bring the power of our studio to the major events in Consumer Technology. We to shoot quickly, cleanly and present back to you pure, fresh content while at the event.

Dedicated on-site production staff gives you both:

Content Development - Receive a 60 second video with your product managers - shot right on location

Promotion - Sponsors receive omnichannel promotion of their video to our targeted audience


Video Channel Sponsorship


Thought Leadership - Brand Awareness - Audience Engagement

As the first of its kind video-based content platform, our videos reach the senior level decision makers across the entire consumer technology spectrum.  Sponsorship of a channel provides a unique and powerful opportunity to showcase your thought leadership and drives our audience of buyers and influencers to your brand.

Video Channel Sponsorship includes:

  • your logo on the marquee 
  • Your company mentioned in the by-line 
  • 300 x 600 OR 300 x 250 Banner 
  • 728 x 90 Banner 

Demand Generation

Our audience is who you are looking for


Pay Per Lead Campaigns and Webinars

CT Lab is proud of our cutting edge audience database - it is unparalleled in the industry. Our first party data can be used to help find targets within our deep audience of Consumer Technology Professionals. We become your advocate in this program. Targeting the right individuals are the right time.

In addition to full-service hosting and promotion, we also view Webinars as targeted programs designed to engage and drive your targets. Each Webinar we produce on average drives over 300 leads to our clients.

List Rental

Work with our team to reach prospects that are genuinely interested in your product or service. Our talented team of individuals can work with you on the selections to ensure you are reaching the key targets.